Drug charges could end your student loans

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Drug Crimes

Many people are focusing on the student loan crisis because of the amounts that people owe. However, there are other injustices built into the system that makes life more difficult for students. One thing to be aware of is how a New York drug conviction could place your student loans in jeopardy either temporarily or permanently.

Drug convictions could lead to suspension or halting of student loans

Federal student loan assistance does not come with no strings attached. One thing that the government expects is that students stay out of trouble. They cannot be convicted of a drug offense while they are receiving federal student aid. This includes the possession or distribution of narcotics. If they are convicted, they may lose student loans. However, students who have a conviction in their past may not have to worry about qualifying for student loans. Past convictions do not carry the same weight as problems with the law while receiving student loans.

Consider the consequences before pleading guilty

If you are charged with a drug crime while receiving assistance, you should have a conversation with your lawyer about how it will affect you both now and in the future. This should be a consideration before you plead guilty to any crime. You may be able to turn a removal from the student loan program into a suspension if you are able to go through drug rehabilitation and pass two drug tests. Ineligibility for student loans is not permanent, but it can interfere with your education. Given how drug laws are changing throughout the country, it seems like an unfair result for students, but this is still currently the law. Accordingly, you need to consider this when deciding how to plead to charges.

A drug crimes attorney will point out all the necessary considerations beyond just the possible punishment for the charges. This is why you are better off getting legal help before making any decisions on your own. Otherwise, you may end up surprised by the consequences.