Teens face allegations of juvenile crimes after attack on man

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Criminal Defense

In Rochester and throughout New York State, it is not unusual for teens to be arrested and find themselves facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing. In some cases, they are caught up in an incident and are wrongfully accused. In others, they might have made a mistake. Regardless of the circumstances, an arrest – even if it is for juvenile crimes and the alleged perpetrators are under 18 – can have long-term consequences on the person’s life. In these cases, it is important for them and their parents to understand the critical nature of having a strong legal defense.

A 31-year-old man was attacked, beaten and robbed by a group of teens. He was outside a restaurant area at around 5 p.m. when the attack occurred. Law enforcement was called and saw the teens assaulting the man. A chase ensued and six were arrested. Two 17-year-olds were charged with robbery in the first and second-degree, and attempted gang assault in the first degree. These are felony charges. The others are also charged with these violations. If the number of assailants comes to two or more, it is a gang assault. The man’s injuries were minor. One teen had a gun, but it was found to be fake. The investigation is continuing.

With charges lodged against a juvenile, there are certain protections in place that can limit the amount of jail time, fines and other penalties that are assessed if there is a conviction. Still, when the charges are gang-related and reach the level of felony, it can have a long-lasting impact on their lives if they are convicted. Since law enforcement is treating gang activity severely, those who are charged must think about the future. A conviction can lead to incarceration and other punishments, but it can also hinder a person as he or she tries to get a job, get admitted to a school, enter the military and more. Having a law firm that understand how to handle juvenile crimes is vital to a successful outcome.

Six teens were arrested on several charges after an alleged gang attack and robbery on a man. While the charges are serious, there could be alternatives to a jail sentence. A plea bargain might be possible. Contacting a law firm that has defended many juveniles who are facing criminal charges is a key part of a successful criminal defense. The parents of those charged should call a law firm for criminal defense as soon as possible.