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Man arrested on DWI charges and other allegations in New York

Drunk driving charges carry with them harsh potential consequences in New York. This is true if it is a first offense and the only allegation is that the driver was under the influence. If there were prior convictions and other alleged violations, the charges can rise to felony DWI. It is important to note, however, that past convictions do not necessarily mean a person is guilty if he or she is arrested on new charges. It is always smart to contact a qualified DWI attorney to plan a defense to combat the allegations.

St. Patrick's Day checkpoints in New York search for DWI drivers

During any holiday, New York State law enforcement will actively seek drivers who exhibit signs of being under the influence. In some cases, they will be patrolling and make traffic stops. In others, there will be drunk driving "checkpoints" where officers are stationed and will stop vehicles to see if the driver is under the influence even if there were no indications that a DWI is taking place. One holiday that is known for its use of alcohol is St. Patrick's Day. Every year, people will make the mistake of driving after drinking and be arrested. In some cases, the charges are unfair or the evidence is not sufficient to secure a conviction. No matter the circumstances, drivers must have a legal defense to avoid the worst penalties.

DWI coordinator in Upstate New York faces DWI charges

Anyone can face charges for driving while intoxicated in Upstate New York. Often, these allegations extend to other charges that can significantly enhance the penalties depending on what the officer claims to have found during the investigation. In some cases, the person arrested works in a job where their duties include handling DWI cases and preventing drivers from doing damage when committing the act. In any case, the penalties for a conviction can have personal and professional implications. Having a competent legal defense is a must.

What is disorderly conduct in New York?

Sometimes gatherings, events and protests can get out of hand. Whether you are simply hanging out with a few friends or attending a massive community event, the police may arrest you or someone you know for disorderly conduct. In order to commit disorderly conduct, you must intentionally annoy, disturb or inconvenience the public. 

Juvenile crimes in Rochester require experienced legal defense

Many adult Rochester residents have memories of things they did when they were juveniles and think themselves lucky for not getting caught during the potential mistakes they made as any issue with the law can negatively impact a person's future. There is no doubt that an act as a juvenile could be classified as a youthful mistake. Some of these acts, however, can lead to a violation of criminal law and the person will be charged with juvenile crimes. These allegations can fall into a variety of categories, but two of the most common charges juveniles will face are alcohol or drug-related. Having legal defense from a law firm that has helped many who were charged with juvenile violations is key.

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